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Eric Hagstette
Principal Broker



If you are searching for real estate in the Portland area, this is your resource! 


This site was created for buyers and sellers who want to be proactive and well informed.  Great properties in Portland move pretty fast.  This interactive tool will help give you the inside edge on what's happening.  The best part is, you're in control-- change what you're looking for... anytime... at the click of a button.


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Step 1:  Click on the interactive map to select neighborhoods you want to watch.


Step 2:  Tell me your price range and sign up to receive a daily listing email.


Step 3:  Review daily updates on all of your neighborhood listings, complete with pictures, price and address... simple.

Step 4:  Call me and I'll take you inside the properties you find interesting.

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Eric Hagstette
Principal Broker
3121 SE Division St Portland, OR 97202   Direct: 503-313-6476   Office: 503-416-7618   Fax: 503-238-1704

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